Language Works 6(2)


  • Elisabeth Muth Andersen University of Southern Denmark
  • Line Dalberg University of Copenhagen
  • Michael Hai Nguyen The Danish Language Council
  • Jessie Leigh Nielsen University of Copenhagen
  • Sidsel Rasmussen Aarhus University
  • Antje Schöps University of Copenhagen
  • Jacob Thøgersen University of Copenhagen


Welcome to this issue of Language Works in the darkest and wettest time of the year (in our parts of the world). When we published the previous issue, we were certain that now, finally, Covid was a thing of the past. But then omicron came along, and as we write this, we are again preparing for new restrictions on campus life.

But once again, the editors and authors keep the fire burning, so in spite of all worries, here is a new issue of Language Works.

Welcome. And happy reading!




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Andersen, E. M., Dalberg, L., Nguyen, M. H., Nielsen, J. L., Rasmussen, S., Schöps, A., & Thøgersen, J. (2022). Language Works 6(2). Journal of Language Works - Sprogvidenskabeligt Studentertidsskrift, 6(2), 3–4. Retrieved from