Language Works 4(1)


  • Elisabeth Muth Andersen University of Southern Denmark
  • Julia Rytter Dakwar University of Southern Denmark
  • Michael Hai Nguyen Aarhus University
  • Søren Sandager Sørensen Aarhus University
  • Jacob Thøgersen University of Copenhagen


Language and communication are central to many fields of research and study - and with current US President Trump's rhetoric, the point "language matters" becomes more obvious than ever. In Language Works, students are given the opportunity to convey their perspectives on why language matters, how, in what contexts, and give their bids on how it can be researched and documented.




How to Cite

Andersen, E. M., Dakwar, J. R., Nguyen, M. H., Sørensen, S. S., & Thøgersen, J. (2019). Language Works 4(1). Journal of Language Works - Sprogvidenskabeligt Studentertidsskrift, 4(1), 3–4. Retrieved from