Læs hvad der siges – hør hvad der står

En undersøgelse af læse- og lytteforståelse


  • Helle Hansen Aarhus Universitet


Using a corpus consisting of questionnaire responses from 110 test persons analyzed with a 2x2 Analysis of Variance comparing readers and listeners of the same non-fictional text, as well as comparing readers and listeners of the same fictional text, no quantitative difference was found in the way participants comprehended a text according to input modus (reading and listening). However, by looking at the answers to the individual questions typologically – distinguishing between deduction-based and memory/fact-based questions – the results show that there is a qualitative difference. This difference indicates that oral texts enhance deductive processing, whereas written texts enhance memory, i.e. readers are better at remembering/recalling facts. This paper supports the claim that modal input does indeed influence how efficiently we comprehend texts. However, this influence is very much dependent on the distribution of memory- versus deduction-based content, and not so much on a distinction between non-fiction and fiction. Thus, differences in input modality are shown to be more driven by text content than by text type.


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