This international and peer-reviewed journal is dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of the fantastic in today’s entertainment media. The fantastic is widely understood as stories and genres that break with natural laws. We use the fantastic as a supergenre and an umbrella term for all genres that use fantastic elements - science fiction, horror, fantasy, supernatural and more. The focus is on fantastic fiction in entertainment media, including film, television, games, comic books, and animated films. Media forms such as haunted houses, theme parks, and online forums also fall within this scope. The journal wants to offer a forum for multiple theoretical approaches to the fantastic drawing from their different forms and production. Approaches include using genre theory and aesthetic analysis as well as theories of world building, design and production studies, transmedia developments, and cognitive, biocultural and evolutionary theories. The journal is double blind peer-reviewed and will have issues published running with 1-3 issues per year. Articles will be available online when they have been peer-reviewed and edited.