Sport og medier. Fra interessefælleskab til forretningsorientering


  • Kirsten Frandsen Aarhus Universitet



Artiklen omhandler de store udviklingstræk i dansk sportsjournalistik, hvis udgangspunkt for at dække sport gradvist har ændret sig fra at være idealistik orienteret til at blive markedsorienteret.

Sport and media

This article outlines some of the crucial qualitative changes in the development of Danish sportsjournalism throughout the 20th century. There is a particular focus on changes in the coverage which account for changes in the journalistic conception of their professional role as a communicator between sports and the audience. Both newspapers, radio and television is included in the desciription, as the analysis is based on a evolutionary understanding of the media saying that new media do not substitute old media. Rather, over time new media bring about communicative differentiation in between the old and new media. The changes represent a journalism which gradually has moved its productional point of focus from basing itself on ideal conceptions of the social and ethical value of sports to basing itself to a still higher degree on a market controlled wish to secure the readers, listeners and viewers.


Kirsten Frandsen, Aarhus Universitet

Kirsten Frandsen, cand.mag og ph.d., lektor ved Institut
for Informations- og Medievidenskab, Aarhus