Pigerne, drengene og gymnasieidrætten i det 20. århundrede

  • Per Jørgensen


En analyse af hvilke aktiviteter, der gennem det 20. århundrede er blevet anbefalet at undervise i, samt hvorledes den korrekte undervisning er beskrevet. Artiklen er skrevet ud fra et særligt fokus på køn og konstruktionen heraf. 

Per Jørgensen: The Boys, the Girls and the Teaching in Physical Education in the Secondary School in Denmark in the 20th Century

The aim of this article has been to study the development of the teaching in physical education in the Danish secondary school during the 20th Century. No books and not many articles have been written about this subject previously. The sources are material from the public archives and the legislation related to the reforms of 1903, 1935, 1961, 1971, 1987 and 2005. However, especially material from educational journals and to a certain degree, newspapers have been used. In the article special attention is given to the discourse about the educational development in the period related to gender issues. After analyzing the structural development of the P.E.-subject, three themes have been dealt with: »Gender and the interest in P.E.«, »Gender and activities in P.E.« and »Integration of gender in the P.E.-teaching«. Among the results it can be mentioned that: In first part of the century the discourse often shows that girls were physically and mentally different from the boys and as a consequence of that they ought to do different P.E.-activities. In the second part of the century the opinion, however, the starting point was taken in equality and homogeneity. It must be stressed, however, that both standpoints is represented all the time. The discourse on physical education related to gender in the secondary school shows that it is recognizable to the similar discourse on gender in society. This is, however, not the case when one look on the activity-discourse in school and society. Here it is quite obvious that until around 1970 the students in school to a great extend were doing activities which was seldom or not heard of in society.


Per Jørgensen

Per Jørgensen, lektor, ph.d., Institut for Idræt og Biomekanik, Syddansk Universitet, Odense.