Fra forsamlingshuset over idrætshallen til multiaktivitetshuset

  • Sine Agergaard


Analyse af tre bygninger i Vest- og Østjylland som billeder på den idrætshistoriske udvikling.

From village hall to sports hall to multi-sports centre

In this article, three sports facilities are depicted in order to gain insight into the development of the popular gymnastics and sports movement in Denmark. The author compares the history and present use of a village hall (built in 1891 and rebuilt in 1927), a sports hall (built in 1966), and a multi-sports centre (built in 2003). Using Tim Ingold’s concept of ‘taskscape’, the author shows the way in which those who live in a specific landscape incorporate the history of the building into their pattern of activities. It is argued that the popular gymnastics and sports movement has developed with different views of the population as a group. The formation of the population as a political unity (demos) is expressed in the creation of village halls. The further development of village halls and sports halls through the 20th century with their complex pattern of activities shows a development of the people as a cultural ethnos. Finally, the coaching of specific groups and individuals in the multi-sports centre points to a new development of


Sine Agergaard

Sine Agergaard, cand.phil. ph.d. Adjunkt ved Center for Idræt, Aarhus Universitet.

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