Sibelius, a Towering National Composer: An Outsider's Perceptions

  • Glenda Dawn Goss


Carl Nielsen and Jean Sibelius offer particularly intriguing examples of “national” composers who symbolize their countries to the world. Their lives and works are striking not only because of their contemporaneousness and relative geographical closeness, but also because they represent startlingly parallel examples in musical ways, including their cultivation of the symphony, chamber music, and song. In a departure from the rule, namely, the interpretation of a “great national composer” by a fellow national, this essay is a close examination of one of the pair, namely, Sibelius, by an outsider. This approach, together with the use of comparison and contrast, enables us to gain fresh insights also into Carl Nielsen.
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Goss, G. (2012). Sibelius, a Towering National Composer: An Outsider’s Perceptions. Carl Nielsen Studies, 5.