Fully Dynamic Transitive Closure in Plane Dags with one Source and one Sink

  • Thore Husfeldt


We give an algorithm for the Dynamic Transitive Closure Problem for planar directed acyclic graphs with one source and one sink. The graph can be updated in logarithmic time under arbitrary edge insertions and deletions that preserve the embedding. Queries of the form `is there a directed path from u to v ?' for arbitrary vertices u and v can be answered in logarithmic time. The size of the data structure and the initialisation time are linear in the number of edges.

The result enlarges the class of graphs for which a logarithmic (or even polylogarithmic) time dynamic transitive closure algorithm exists. Previously, the only algorithms within the stated resource bounds put restrictions on the topology of the graph or on the delete operation. To obtain our result, we use a new characterisation of the transitive closure in plane graphs with one source and one sink and introduce new techniques to exploit this characterisation.

We also give a lower bound of Omega(log n/log log n) on the amortised complexity of the problem in the cell probe model with logarithmic word size. This is the first dynamic directed graph problem with almost matching lower and upper bounds.
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Husfeldt, T. (1994). Fully Dynamic Transitive Closure in Plane Dags with one Source and one Sink. BRICS Report Series, 1(30). https://doi.org/10.7146/brics.v1i30.21613