The Alternation Hierarchy for the Theory of mu-lattices


  • Luigi Santocanale



The alternation hierarchy problem asks whether every mu-term,
that is a term built up using also a least fixed point constructor
as well as a greatest fixed point constructor, is equivalent to a
mu-term where the number of nested fixed point of a different type
is bounded by a fixed number.
In this paper we give a proof that the alternation hierarchy
for the theory of mu-lattices is strict, meaning that such number
does not exist if mu-terms are built up from the basic lattice
operations and are interpreted as expected. The proof relies on the
explicit characterization of free mu-lattices by means of games and




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Santocanale, L. (2000). The Alternation Hierarchy for the Theory of mu-lattices. BRICS Report Series, 7(29).