The Girard Translation Extended with Recursion


  • Torben Braüner



This paper extends Curry-Howard interpretations of Intuitionistic Logic (IL) and Intuitionistic Linear Logic (ILL) with rules for recursion. The resulting term languages, the rec-calculus and the linear rec-calculus respectively, are given sound
categorical interpretations. The embedding of proofs of IL into proofs of ILL given by the Girard Translation is extended with the rules for recursion, such that an embedding of terms of the rec-calculus into terms of the linear rec-calculus is induced via the extended Curry-Howard isomorphisms. This embedding is shown to be sound with respect to the categorical interpretations.

Full version of paper to appear in Proceedings of CSL '94, LNCS 933, 1995.




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Braüner, T. (1995). The Girard Translation Extended with Recursion. BRICS Report Series, 2(13).