Compiling Actions by Partial Evaluation, Revisited

  • Olivier Danvy
  • Morten Rhiger


We revisit Bondorf and Palsberg's compilation of actions using< the offline syntax-directed partial evaluator Similix (FPCA'93, JFP'96), and we compare it in detail with using an online type-directed partial evaluator. In contrast to Similix, our type-directed partial evaluator is idempotent and requires no "binding-time improvements." It also appears to consume about 7 times less space and to be about 28 times faster than Similix, and to yield residual programs that are perceptibly more efficient than those generated by Similix.
How to Cite
Danvy, O., & Rhiger, M. (1998). Compiling Actions by Partial Evaluation, Revisited. BRICS Report Series, 5(13).