Modeling, Sharing, and Recursion for Weak Reduction Strategies using Explicit Substitution

  • Zine-El-Abidine Benaissa
  • Pierre Lescanne
  • Kristoffer H. Rose


We present the lambda sigma^a_w calculus, a formal synthesis of the concepts of
sharing and explicit substitution for weak reduction. We show how
lambda sigma^a_w can be used as a foundation of implementations of functional
programming languages by modelling the essential ingredients of such
implementations, namely weak reduction strategies, recursion, space
leaks, recursive data structures, and parallel evaluation, in a uniform way.
First, we give a precise account of the major reduction strategies
used in functional programming and the consequences of choosing
lambda-graph-reduction vs. environment-based evaluation. Second, we show
how to add constructors and explicit recursion to give a precise account
of recursive functions and data structures even with respect to
space complexity. Third, we formalize the notion of space leaks in lambda sigma^a_w
and use this to define a space leak free calculus; this suggests optimisations
for call-by-need reduction that prevent space leaking and enables
us to prove that the "trimming" performed by the STG machine does
not leak space.
In summary we give a formal account of several implementation
techniques used by state of the art implementations of functional programming

Keywords. Implementation of functional programming, lambda
calculus, weak reduction, explicit substitution, sharing, recursion, space

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Benaissa, Z.-E.-A., Lescanne, P., & Rose, K. (1996). Modeling, Sharing, and Recursion for Weak Reduction Strategies using Explicit Substitution. BRICS Report Series, 3(56).