Narratives of Aging in the Long Nineteenth Century

An Introduction


  • Alice Crossley University of Lincoln
  • Amy Culley University of Lincoln






Author Biographies

Alice Crossley, University of Lincoln

is a Senior Lecturer in English (University of Lincoln, UK). Her research focuses on intersections between age and masculinity in texts primarily by Victorian and modernist writers. In the field of aging studies, her work includes Male Adolescence in Mid-Victorian Fiction (Routledge, 2018), an edited special issue in Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies (2017), and an article on asynchronicity and aging queerly in the fiction of Israel Zangwill (forthcoming, 2021). In addition, she has published chapters on childhood and nostalgia in W. M. Thackeray (Routledge, 2016), the Victorian schoolboy body (EUP, 2018), and eroticized intergenerationality (Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies, 2017). She is currently working on a new book, Old Fashioning: Aging and Masculinity in Western Fiction, 1840-1930, which interrogates the representation of aging masculinity in a number of popular and less well-established writers. A concurrent project explores senescent male sexuality in the work of Japanese writers Jun’ichiro Tanizaki and Yasunari Kawabata. She also works on nineteenth-century valentines and material cultures.

Amy Culley, University of Lincoln

is a Senior Lecturer in English (University of Lincoln, UK). Her research interests are in women’s writing of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, life writing, and aging studies. She is currently working on her second book, On Growing OldWomen’s Late Life Writing 1800-1850, supported by a British Academy Mid-Career Fellowship (2020). She is the author of British Women’s Life Writing, 1760-1840: Friendship, Community, and Collaboration (Palgrave, 2014), co-editor, with Daniel Cook, of Women’s Life Writing, 1700-1850: Gender, Genre and Authorship (Palgrave, 2012), and co-editor, with Anna Fitzer, of Editing Women’s Writing, 1670-1840 (Routledge, 2017). She is also the editor of volumes 1-4 of Women’s Court and Society Memoirs (Pickering and Chatto, 2009).


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