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Ali Winstanley

is an artist working with collage, illustration, textiles, and photography. Her photography practice focuses on capturing unique and distinctive people and their stories. She developed an enthusiasm for documenting older people with a unique sense of style, vivacity, originality, and fair, as well as recording their stories and attitudes to age, style, and creativity, whilst livingin Berlin in 2008 and traveling to many interesting corners of Eastern Europe.

In 2012, she started to collate these images on her blog, The Luminous Eye, and also moved towards working in community and therapeutic settings. Whilst assisting with arts projects in care homes with people with dementia, she took portraits of participants in an attempt to capture their palpably individual characters and spirits, and participants reacted very positively.

Winstanley’s images of older people have been used by the Guardian as well as in the recent book How to Age, published by Pan Macmillan, and presented at the “Addressing the Ageing Demographic” conference at the Royal College of Art. She has also been commissioned on contemporary street style shoots around Europe for publications such as Vogue, Elle, the Independent, and the Telegraph. She aims to work in further community settings and also to persuade more high-profle publications to feature images of older people, so that it becomes far more normalized to see this demographic in mainstream media.

Readers may write to Ali Winstanley at aliwinstanley@gmail.com.






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