Age, Culture, Humanities: Open for submissions


Age, Culture, Humanities: An Interdisciplinary Journal is an open access peer-reviewed journal that promotes cross-disciplinary, critical investigations of the experiences of age, aging, and old age, as seen through the lens of the humanities and arts. The goals are to consider age as a category of identity, advance understanding of the aging process and of age differences across the lifespan, interrogate cultural articulations of aging and old age, and generate innovative, engaging scholarly approaches to the study of age and aging in the humanities.

We are delighted to announce that Age, Culture, Humanities is now reopened for submissions after transferring from the Athenaeum Press of Coastal Carolina to the Danish Royal Library. Please visit our Archives to consult the five previous issues. 

A diverse range of scholarly contributions are invited, from research articles, reviews, and pedagogical essays to featured themes and special issues. Please consult the submission guidelines for more information.