Sneak Preview!


Age, Culture, Humanities has been brewing up a new forum! The topic: The US American Election, which is more timely than ever, not least because age is so central to the discussions about who should – or should not – be president.

Under the title “Too old for the job? The 2024 US American Presidential Elections,” we lined up a prominent group of colleagues, who have generously accepted our invitation to write short comments and reflections. Expect the pieces by Kathleen Woodward and Margaret Gullette to be published very soon.

They will be followed by contributions by Stephen Katz in conversation with Andrew Achenbaum, Kate de Medeiros, Valerie Lipscomb, Cynthia Port and Jørn Brøndal.

And, to whet your appetite, listen to our first-ever interview to be published both in a transcribed and an audio version on Age, Culture, Humanities. The interview is with Ashton Applewhite, and the audiofile is available under this link. The transcribed version of the interview will follow soon. 

Please spread the word and direct your colleagues and friends to our journal!


Aagje Swinnen and Anita Wohlmann,

on behalf of the entire ACH-crew