Communalism and Internationalism

Publication Norms and Structures in International Social Science


  • Raf Vanderstraeten
  • Joshua Eykens



Merton’s CUDOS, sociology of science, internationalization, Americanization, journals, publication pattern


This article presents a historical-sociological case-study that addresses the “enactment” of the ideals of communalism and internationalism in the social sciences. It focuses on the transformations in/of two journals, Isis and International Sociology, which deliberately attempt to enhance international social science. Our analyses of the publication practices in these journals point to the skewed global orientation in/of these journals, despite their outspoken internationalist ideals. Internationalization looks more like Americanization, when we compare the publication practices in international social science journals with their own ideal of balanced national representation.


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Vanderstraeten, R. and Eykens, J. (2018) “Communalism and Internationalism: Publication Norms and Structures in International Social Science”, Serendipities. Journal for the Sociology and History of the Social Sciences, 3(1), pp. 14–28. doi: 10.25364/11.3:2018.1.2.