About the Journal

Serendipities is interested in papers on any aspect of a sociological or historical analysis of the development of the social sciences.

A shortcut for what we expect would be a combination of the best of “sociology of” and “social studies of” perspectives on those fields of inquiry which belong to what Wolf Lepenies called the third culture, between science and literature. Paper could either look at the subject from a historical point of view or challenge present day practices of any part of the social sciences. We also welcome contributions applying routines from other disciplines as long as the subject belongs to the social sciences.

Some of the topics that the editors hope to see covered in Serendipities are the development of methodologies and research techniques, the institutionalization processes of disciplines and research directions, the “traveling of ideas” from one scholarly culture to another, the role of funding agencies, and the relation among the social sciences, the state, and social movements.

Finally, the interaction of social science with publics and different kind of clients is a matter of great interest to the journal. From a methodological point of view, we particularly invite submissions that engage with the still underdeveloped field of sociological semantics, prosopography, and advanced quantitative and qualitative approaches to analyze the personnel of the social sciences and their thinking.


Submission Preparation Checklist 

Please visit our site on submissions for further information: https://tidsskrift.dk/Serendipities/about/submissions. We kindly ask authors to sign in to submit an article.


Open Access Policy

The editors decided that it is time to try new ways of publishing. Most of the established scholarly journals are connected to any of the large enterprises making money with distribution ideas funded mostly by taxpayers. Subscription fees became prohibitive in some branches of scholarship and even in the social sciences the free floating of ideas is hindered by rising prices for subscription.

Serendipities is a fully open access online journal. All articles and contributions are published under an CC BY-NC-ND license that allow to access all content free of charge.

For more information on the Creative Commons licenses, see: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/?lang=en

Serendipities does not charge article processing charges (APC) or any other publication fees.