Natália da Silva Perez

Natália da Silva Perez holds a joint PhD from the University of Kent and the Freie Universität Berlin from the Erasmus Mundus program Text and Event in Early Modern Europe (TEEME). Her research focuses on early modern women and has received support from the European Commission and from the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst. As a postdoctoral researcher at the Centre for Privacy Studies at the University of Copenhagen, Natália examines the history of sexual and reproductive privacy. Early modern women’s modes of subsistence and ways to structure their lives (working for payment, marrying, entering into religious orders) often entailed managing when or whether to get pregnant. From a transnational and comparative perspective, Natália endeavours to reconstruct and understand the experiences of sexual and reproductive privacy for women of high and low social status, as well as their interactions with their families, communities, and authorities. She engages historical documents about the religious, legal, and intellectual landscapes that helped shape early modern understandings of sexual and reproductive privacy, in an effort to conduct an intersectional feminist analysis of the documents available. She is the producer and host for the Privacy Studies Podcast and assistant editor here at the Privacy Studies Journal.