A note from the Editors of the Special Issue on Transmethodology


We are very happy to announce, that our Special Issue on "Transmethodology- Creating spaces for transgressive and transformative inquiry" is finally published. Even though it has been a long process and long overdue, we are very proud and satisfied with the result so far. Congratulations to all the authors! 

We propose the term transmethodology to capture the many ways in which we as researchers engage in transgressing and destabilizing boundaries or divisions between theory and practice, ontology and epistemology, and between methods and research fields.

The concept was initially developed through invigorating talks, seminars, and discussions starting in 2016 in the research program, Engage – (dis)engaging children and young people, at the Danish School of Education, Aarhus University, Denmark. This special issue can be seen as a result, and continuation, of these conversations on how research can work transgressively and transformatively.


The Special Issue comprises of interesting and thought-provoking articles on topics such as visual analysis and collaborative ethnography, young peoples' sharing of digitalized sexualised image, the complexities of doing conceptual analysis, the making and unmaking of a well-being survey, and utilizing global south theories in understanding complex data sets.

The Special Issue is edited by Dorte Kousholt and Iram Khawaja, and is a running issue as new articles will be added in the near future.

We are very thankful to all authors and reviewers for their patience and support during the editing process, and for the overall good collaborative work. A special thanks to André Luis Leite and Eduardo Vianna from Outlines in making all the necessary efforts in the last stage of editing, formatting, and publishing.

We are looking forward to uploading more interesting articles to the SI, so please do keep an eye on forthcoming articles.

Best wishes

Dorte Kousholt & Iram Khawaja (eds.)