Nationaløkonomisk Tidsskrift, Bind 135 (1997)

Nye danske arbejdspapirer

Aarhus School of Business. Department of
Economics: Working Paper

97-6 Tom Engsted and Jan Bentzen: Dynamic Modelling of Energy Demand: A Guided Tour Through the Jungle of Unit Roots and Cointegration.

97-7 Søren H. Harck: Løn-til-pris og pris-tilløn strukturledighed og betalingsbalance: umoderne implikationer en moderne model.

97-8 Søren H. Harck: Lidt om de makroøkonomiske af konkurrencepolitik: en konvolut-bagside-analyse af DØR's SMEC-kalkulationer.

97-9 Urs Steiner: Signalling in International Environmental Agreements: Using Preagreement Level as a Signalling Device.

97-10 Urs Steiner and Gert Tinggaard Svendsen: Use of Permit Markets for Incorporating Location: The Case of Acid Rain in Europe.

97-11 Tor Eriksson and Mette Lausten: Managerial
and Firm Performance - Danish

97-12 Sarosh Kuruvilla: Globalization and
Employment Relations: A Framework and
Agenda for Research in Asia.

97-13 Sarosh Kuruvilla and Christopher
Ericksson: Industrial Relations Change in
Asia: A Comparative Review.

97-14 Sarosh Kuruvilla and Stephen Frenkel:
Determinants of Member Satisfaction with
Unions in South Korea.

97-15 Christopher L. Erickson and Sarosh Kuruvilla:
Is Industrial Relations System

Copenhagen Business School. Economic Policy
Unit. Working Paper

97-13 Harry Huizinga and Søren Bo Nielsen:
The Taxation of Interest in Europe: A Minimum

97-14 Harry Huizinga and Søren Bo Nielsen:
A Welfare Comparison of International Tax
Regimes with Cross-Ownership of Firms.

97-15 Pascalis Raimondos-Møller and Alan
D. Woodland: Tariff Strategies and Small
Open Economies.

97-16 Ritva Tarkiainen and Matti Tuomala:
On Optimal Income Taxation with Heterogenous

97-17 Minna Selene Svane: Optimal Taxation
in a Two Sector Model of Endogenous

97-18 Frank Hettich: Growth Effects of a Revenue
Environmental Tax Reform.

97-19 Erling Steigum, Jr.: Fiscal Deficits, Asset
and Intergenerational Distribution
in an Open Unionized Economy.

97-20 Rod Falvey and Geoff Reed: Rules of
Origin as Commercial Policy Instruments.

97-21 U. Michael Bergman, Michael M. Hutchison and Yin-Wong Cheung: Should the Nordic Countries Join A European Monetary An Empirical Analysis.

Handelshøjskolen i København. Institut for Finansiering.

97-7 Jesper Rangvid: Predicting ERM Excange during Times of Currency Turmoils the 1992-1993 Crises and Fundamentals.

97-8 Henrik Lando: Tort Law From the Perspective
Economic Theory.

Handelshøjskolen i København. Institut for
Nationaløkonomi. Working Paper

4-1997 Lars Lund: Conditions for and Motives
behind Studying in Visby.

Odense Universitet. Økonomisk Institut. Occasional

5/1997 Jørgen Lauridsen: Model Discrimination
a Spatial Econometric Context.

Side 298

University of Aarhus. Department of Economics.

1997-10 Toke S. Aidt: Political Internalization of Economic Externalities. The Case of Environmental in a Politico-Economic Model with Lobby Groups.

1997-11 Torben M. Andersen and Bo Sandemann
Effort, Taxation and

1997-12 Niels Haldrup: A Review of the Econometric
of 1(2) Variables.

1997-13 Martin Paldam: The Micro Efficiency
Danish Development Aid.

1887-14 Viggo Høst: Better Confidence Intervals the Population Mean by Using Trimmed Means and the Iterated Bootstrap?

1997-15 Gunnar Thorlund Jepsen and Peter
Skott: On the Effects of Drug Policy.

1997-16 Peter Skott: Growth and Stagnation in
a Two-Sector Model: Kaldor's Mattioli

1997-17 N.E. Savin and Allan H. Wuertz: The
Effect of Nuisance Parameters on Size and
Power; LM Tests in Logit Models.

1997-18 Tom Engsted and Niels Haldrup:
Multicointegration in Stock-Flow Models.

1997-19 Torben M. Andersen: Persistency in
Sticky Price Models.

University of Aarhus and Aarhus School of
Economics. Centre for Labour Market and
Social Research. Working Paper

97-08 H. Bunzel, B.J. Christensen, P. Jensen, N.M. Kiefer, L. Korsholm, L. Muus, G.R. Neumann, M. Rosholm: Specification and Estimation of Equilibrium Search Models.

97-09 Ebbe Krogh Graversen: Work Disincentive
of Taxes among Danish Married
and Women.

97-10 Jukka Vittanicmi: Top Executive Compensation
Company Performance in

97-11 Peder J. Pedersen and Nina Smith:
Trends in the Danish Income Distribution,

97-12 Ronald L. Oaxaca and Michael R.
Ransom: Identification in Detailed Wage

University of Copenhagen. Institute ofEconomics.

97-09 Luca Lambertini, Sougata Poddar and
Dan Sasaki: RJVs and Price Collusion under
Product Differentiation.

97-10 Luca Lambertini: Time Consistency in
Games of Timing.

97-11 Huw David Dixon and Claus Thustrup
Hansen: A Mixed Industrial Structure Magnifies
Importance of Menu Costs.

97-12 Claus Chr. Portner: Children as Insurance.

University of Copenhagen. Institute ofEconomics.
for Industrial Economics. Discussion

97-12 Sougata Poddar: Capacity and Entry Deterrence
Asymmetric Information on

97-13 Luca Lambertini, Sougata Poddar and
Dan Sasaki: RJVs in Product Innovation
and Cartel Stability.

97-14 Luca Lambertini, Sougata Poddar and
Dan Sasaki: Standardization and the Stability

97-15 Jeroen Hinloopen: Subsidizing R&D-

97-16 Jeroen Hinloopen and Charles van
Marrvijk: Spatial Duopoly with a Reservation

97-17 Christian Schultz: Limit Prizing when
Incumbents Have Conflicting Interests.

97-18 Luca Lambertini and Gianpaolo Rossini:
Differentiation, Trade and
Endogenous Common Standards.

Det Økonomiske Råds Sekretariat. Arbejdspapir

1996:7 Jan V. Hansen: GESMEC-T: En generel
med fokus på transportsektoren.

1997:1 Thomas Hovard og Peter Lausten

Side 299

puls-respons analyse af årstal for Vesteuropa
USA, 1960-95.

1997:2 Thomas Q. Christensen: Samvariation i
produktion og priser mellem OECD-lande.

1997:4 Mette Gørtz, Jan V. Hansen og Mette
Larsen: Forskning og økonomisk udvikling.

1997:3 Niels Lynggård Hansen: Samvariation
mellem udbuds- og efterspørgselsstød. Im-