Books for review

MedieKultur publishes book reviews in every issue, and we are always looking for reviewers. If you would like to review one of the books listed here, or have a suggestion for another relevant recent publication we should include on this list, then please contact book review editor Jonatan Leer at

The target word counts for reviews are 800-1,000 words for one book, and double reviews max. 1500 words. Please see the author guidelines for further information:


Analyse af billedmedier

Editor: Gitte Rose
Editor: Hans-Christian Christiansen
Publisher: Samfundslitteratur


Cultural Journalism and Cultural Critique in the Media

Editor: Nete Nørgaard Kristensen
Editor: Unni From
Publisher: Routledge


Digitale samtaler

Author: Anette Grønning
Publisher: Samfundslitteratur


Digital journalistik

Author: Aske Kammer
Publisher: Samfundslitteratur


Digital Photography and Everyday Life: Empirical Studies on Material Visual Practices

Editor: Edgar Gomez Cruz
Editor: Asko Lehmuskallio
Publisher: Routledge


Dybdegående interviewfortolkning: tre problemer

Author: Jan Foght Mikkelsen
Publisher: Hans Reitzels Forlag


Dynamics Of Mediatization Institutional Change and Everyday Transformations in a Digital Age

Editor: O. Driessens
Editor: G. Bolin
Editor: A. Hepp
Editor: S. Hjarvard
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan



Editor: Jørgen Riber Christensen
Editor: Steen Ledet Christiansen
Publisher: Systime


Food and Media: Distinctions, Practices and Heterotopias

Editor: Jonatan Leer
Editor: Karen Klitgaard
Publisher: Routledge


Foreign Direct Investment Inflows Into the South East European Media Market: Towards a Hybrid Business Model

Author: Zvezdan Vukanović
Publisher: Springer


Gender and Media: Representing, Producing, Consuming

Author: Tonny Krinjen
Author: Sofie Van Bauwen
Publisher: Routledge


How to talk about videogames

Author: Ian Bogost
Publisher: University of Minnesota Press


Media Practice and Everyday Agency in Europe

Editor: Leif Kramp
Editor: Nico Carpentier
Editor: Andreas Hepp
Editor: Ilija Tomanic
Editor: Trivundza Hannu
Editor: Nieminen Richard Kilborn
Publisher: edition lumière


Mediating and Remediating Death

Editor: Dorthe Refslund Christensen
Editor: Kjetil Sandvik
Publisher: Routledge



Editor: Palle Schantz Lauritzen
Editor: Erik Svendsen
Publisher: Samfundslitteratur


Mediers känsla för kön

Author: Anja Hirdman
Author: Madeleine Kleberg
Publisher: Nordicom


Nonhuman Photography

Author: Joanna Zylinska
Publisher: MIT Press


Online kommunikation: En introduktion

Editor: Hans Christian Christiansen
Editor: Gitte Rose
Publisher: Hans Reitzels Forlag


Playing with Religion in Digital Games

Editor: Heidi A. Campbell
Editor: Gregory P. Grieve
Publisher: Indiana University Press


Plot til lyst. Spilbare mordgåder på tværs af medier

Author: Kjetil Sandvik
Publisher: Aalborg Universitetsforlag


Professionel kommunikation. Dialogisk kommunikationsplanlægning

Editor: My Gaarde Andreassen
Editor: Jacob Fanth
Publisher: Samfundslitteratur


Seertal og webtrafik

Author: Rasmus Helles
Publisher: Samfundslitteratur


Serializing Age: Aging and Old Age in TV Series

Editor: Maricel Oró-Piqueras
Editor: Anita Wohlmann
Publisher: transcript


Sociale medier

Author: Jakob Linaa Jensen
Author: Jesper Tække
Publisher: Samfundslitteratur


Social Media Archeology and Poetics

Editor: Judy Malloy
Publisher: MIT Press


Software Theory: A cultural and philosophical study

Author: Federica Frabetti
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield


Sport, Racism and Social Media

Editor: Neil Farrington
Editor: Lee Hall
Editor: Daniel Kilvington
Editor: John Price
Editor: Amir Saeed
Publisher: Routledge


Sports, Video Games, and the Culture of Play

Editor: Thomas P. Oates
Editor: Robert Alan Brookey
Publisher: Indiana University Press


The Media and Financial Crisis. Comparative and Historical Perspectives

Editor: Steve Schifferes
Editor: Richard Robert
Publisher: Routledge


What’s the Problem in Problem Gaming? Nordic Research Perspectives

Editor: Jessica Enevold
Editor: Anne Mette Thorhauge
Editor: Andreas Gregersen
Publisher: Nordicom