Introducing Journal of Language Works


We hereby introduce Journal of Language Works - Sprogvidenskabeligt Studentertidsskrift (LWO). The journal is aimed at university students within a language discipline who wish to publish their work. The journal is a collaboration between the University of Copenhagen, Aarhus University and The State and University Library in Aarhus, but it accepts contributions from all Danish universities. The journal is non-profit and open access.

Language Works is a journal of linguistics publishing papers written by BA and MA students at Danish universities. The journal publishes papers covering the entire field of language and linguistics, not only from students of Linguistics but also from a wide range of other subjects dealing with language studies.

Language Works has an aim of being a good outlet for first-time authors and researches in spe who which to disseminate their work to other students as well as researchers at all levels. A paper will typically be based on a good term paper which the author rewrites to journal paper format based on the guidelines of the journal. Papers can be written in English, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian.

Submitted paper proposals will be evaluated by the editors. If the paper is within the scope of the journal and of acceptable academic and rhetorical standard, it will be send to peer-review by researchers within the appropriate field. Reviewers are instructed to show consideration for the academic level of the authors.