Wie viel Syntax braucht die Semantik, und wie viel Semantik enthält die Syntax?


  • Hubert Haider




The nature of the syntax-semantics interface is a controversial issue in grammar theory. Current theorizing in Generative Grammar endorses a 'tight fit' conception. Abstract syntax is to provide distinct structural configurations for distinct semantic entities in terms of semantically typed functional heads that project functional phrases. Positive and convincing evidence for the tight fit approach is wanting. The opposite viewpoint, once called the autonomy viewpoint in Generative Grammar, takes syntax to be a module of grammar that is not necessarily tailored to the needs of semantics. It is an algorithm that maps strings on structures and vice versa. The semantic construction algorithm maps syntactic structure on adequate semantic domains. In this contribution, evidence from three areas syntax of adverbials, syntax of negation, alleged semantic correlates of argument structure are reviewed in order to clarify which of the two viewpoints is more likely to be adequate. It is argued that the autonomy approach is superior.




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Haider, H. (2004). Wie viel Syntax braucht die Semantik, und wie viel Semantik enthält die Syntax?. Tidsskrift for Sprogforskning, 2(2), 71–90. https://doi.org/10.7146/tfs.v2i2.54



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