Mobbing - et forsøk på nye teoretiske perspektiv

  • Dag Nome Universitetet i Agder Rudolf Steinerhøyskolen
Nøgleord: Mobbing, barnehage, aggresjon, toddler-kultur, nærhets-etikk, kroppslighet, fenomenologi.


This article discusses the understanding of bullying and how it first appears as a phenomenon in early childhood. Empirical research on the social life of young children indicates a capacity for empathy that is independent of social learning. Based upon Merleau-Ponty`s philosophy of the body and Levinas’s existentialist notion of the origin of morality, the article emphasize empathy and the sense of responsibility as a fundamental event in our initial encounter with one another – not learned competence based on cognitive refl ections.
Anti-social behavior like bullying is therefore considered to be a narrowing of the initial openness for others entering our life-world, not a result of a natural urge to power and dominance.

Nome, D. (2014). Mobbing - et forsøk på nye teoretiske perspektiv. Studier I Pædagogisk Filosofi, 3(1), 40-54.