Inquiries of discomfort: Cancer experiences in young adulthood

  • Bibi Hølge-Hazelton


Young adults with cancer are regarded as an emerging field for research. Because of the particular life phase they are in they are particularly vulnerable, as they are often both marginalised and individualised and their experiences are seldom described due to their small numbers. By using an on-line free association narrative inquiry and an experimental writing format, the purpose of this paper is to explore the subjective perspective of what it means to be a young adult living with cancer, and to discuss whether this approach contributes something new to the emerging field. Seven condensed poetic products emerged from the analysis: 1) It came from nothing, 2) It sets off a chain reaction, 3) Being a bit into adult life, 4) No one shares your experiences, 5) Go on with your life, 6) My new me and 7) Maybe the lucky ones die? The results empirically support the emerging body of research regarding young adults with cancer. They stress the need for more specific research, clinically and politically appropriate services to this group of cancer patients. Thanks to technology, young people living with cancer, now have an opportunity to actively participate in providing information regarding their subjective experiences. This will challenge the traditional hierarchy of knowledge, where healthcare professionals and researchers reign over the power of knowledge and decisions.
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Hølge-Hazelton, B. (2011). Inquiries of discomfort: Cancer experiences in young adulthood. Qualitative Studies, 2(2), 118-130.
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