Tweet against Nazis? Twitter, power, and networked publics in anti-fascist protests

Christina Neumayer, Bjarki Valtysson


In this article we address the question of power in networked publics on Twitter in anti-fascist protests. The study is based on the results of an analysis of tweets, that are part of a data-set of three qualitative case studies about nationalist demonstrations in Germany, accompanied by counter-protests of anti-fascist groups, NGOs, and civil society. The question asked within this framework is how Twitter is used in the power struggles of the anti-fascist counter protests. The article concludes with the identification of tactics, practices, and strategies by activists for contesting power but also the reproduction of power on Twitter in interplay between functionalities of the technology and the political, i.e. socio-cultural, context. This leads us to a discussion about power in and between networked publics as part of a communication spiral in a larger media environment.


Twitter, anti-fascism, power, networked publics, counter public.

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