Global Interconnectedness - Local Authorities and Transnational Networking


  • Hans Krause Hansen
  • Dorte Salskov-Iversen



This article argues that, in their continuous and proclaimed efforts at "modernizing" themselves, public sector organizations, also at the sub-national level, increasingly envision the new media as an object of policy making and intervention. At the same time, this focus on the new media facilitates transborder networking, taking the shape of globalizing webs that connect the actors internationally through pro- cesses af mediation and with implications for relations af authority and modes of governance. As such, these webs both constitute and facilitate a form of everyday political globalization which is on the rise. Empirically, our account is based on studies of two local authorities, the cities of Vina del Mar in Chile and Bremen in Germany, as two of the transnational networks that connect them.




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Hansen, H. K., & Salskov-Iversen, D. (2006). Global Interconnectedness - Local Authorities and Transnational Networking. MedieKultur: Journal of Media and Communication Research, 22(40), 9 pages.