Geografisk Tidsskrift, Bind 101 (2001)


Location of farm woodlands in Denmark: a quantification of the results of the scheme for field afforestation in Ribe and Vejle counties HTML PDF
Lene Møller Madsen
The combination of polarimetric SAR with satellite SAR and optical data for classification of agricultural land HTML PDF
Inge Sandholt
Converting to organic agriculture - Danish farmers' views and motivations HTML PDF
Bärbel Tress
A scientific evaluation of the agricultural experiments at Frederiksgave, the Royal Danish Plantation on the Gold Coast, Ghana HTML PDF
Theodore W. Awadzi, Yaw Bredwa-Mensah, Henrik Breuning-Madsen, Enoch Boateng
Exploiting available data sources: location/allocation modeling for health service planning in rural Ghana HTML PDF
Lasse Møller-Jensen, Richard Y. Kofie
Flows of matter in a traditional heathland farm about 1840. An example from northern West Jutland, Denmark HTML PDF
Sofus Christiansen
Colonisation of Spartina on a tidal water divide, Danish Wadden Sea HTML PDF
Niels Vinther, Christian Christiansen, Jesper Bartholdy
Meteorological Observations in 2000 at the Arctic Station, Qeqertarsuaq (69°15'N), Central West Greenland HTML PDF
Niels Nielsen, Ole Humlum, Birger Ulf Hansen
Hedgerow planting activities by Danish farmers: a case study from central Jutland HTML PDF
Søren Pilgaard Kristensen
Investigation of a modern glacimarine sedimentary environment in the fjord Kuannersuit Sulluat, Disko, West Greenland HTML PDF
Henrik Sulsbrück Møller, Christian Christiansen, Niels Nielsen, Morten Rasch
Farmers' decision making on land use - the importance of soil conditions in the case of Rio Cabuyal watershed, Colombia HTML PDF
Helle Munk Ravnborg, Jorge E. Rubiano
Plant production on a Faeroese farm 1813-1892, related to climatic fluctuations HTML PDF
Rolf Guttesen
Agricultural change in Denmark between 1982 and 1989: the appearance of post-productivism in farming ? HTML PDF
Lone Kristensen
Ecological comparisons of sedimentary shores. K. Reise (ed.). Berlin/New York, Springer 2001. (Ecological Studies) 151). XX, 384 s., ill. 24 cm. DEM 228,-. HTML PDF
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Niels Nielsen
Atlante tematico dell' agricoltura Italiana. Maria Gemma Grillotti Di Giacomo, red. (& hovedforfatter). Roma, Societå Geografica Italiana, 2000. XV, 439 s., ill. 40 cm. Pris ej oplyst. HTML PDF
Henning Mørch
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Anette Reenberg
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Ole Mertz
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Henning Mørch
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Henning Mørch
Mellem hav og hede - landskab og bebyggelse i Ulfborg herred indtil 1700. K. Dalsgaard et al. red. Århus, Aarhus Universitetsforlag, 2000. 359 s., ill., 31 cm. DKK 298,-. HTML PDF
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Anette Reenberg
Præsidentskifte. HTML PDF
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Geografisk Tidsskrift Danish Journal of Geography HTML PDF
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Det Kongelige Danske Geografiske Selskab The Royal Danish Geographical Society HTML PDF
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Det Kongelige Danske Geografiske Selskab HTML PDF
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Instructions for contributors HTML PDF
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