A Discussion of Prototyping within a Conceptual Framework

  • John Kammersgaard


In this paper the notion of prototyping is discussed. The first part of the paper contains a presentation of a framework used in this discussion. A discussion of programming viewed as a social activity is complex and requires an elaborated set of concepts by which we can express our opinions. The framework provides us with a set of such concepts.

In the second part of the paper prototyping is viewed ''through the spectacles'' introduced by the framework. This is done partly to express more precisely what is meant by the term ''prototyping'', and partly to point out some problems that might arise if the prototyping-literature is used as a guideline for programming.

Finally some relevant ideas and experiences from the UTOPIA-project are presented

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John Kammersgaard
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Kammersgaard, J. (1983). A Discussion of Prototyping within a Conceptual Framework. DAIMI Report Series, 12(169). https://doi.org/10.7146/dpb.v12i169.7445