A Computational Model for ADA and other concurrent languages

  • Brian H. Mayoh


An earlier report [PB-157] presented the argument for diagrams as the most suitable models for programs with concurrency. In a diagram the configurations correspond to points of the program, there is a move from m to n if n can be the next program point after m and the move is labelled by the program action when the computation follows the move. This report shows that this computational model is suitable for ADA and other languages with concurrency. In Section 1 we give the computational model for the guarded command language GCL; in Section 2, a powerful specification language SCSS is modelled; in Section 3 we give the model for the language CSP of communicating sequential processes; then the techniques introduced in these sections are used when ADA programs are modelled in Section 4.

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Brian H. Mayoh
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Mayoh, B. (1983). A Computational Model for ADA and other concurrent languages. DAIMI Report Series, 12(162). https://doi.org/10.7146/dpb.v12i162.7436