Declarative Specialization for Object-Oriented-Program Specialization

  • Helle Markmann Andersen
  • Ulrik Pagh Schultz


The use of partial evaluation for specializing programs written in im-

perative languages such as C and Java is hampered by the di-culty of

controlling the specialization process. We have developed a simple, declar-

ative language for controlling the specialization of Java programs, and in-

terfaced this language with the JSpec partial evaluator for Java. This lan-

guage, named Pesto, allows declarative specialization of programs written

in an object-oriented style of programming. The Pesto compiler auto-

matically generates the context information needed for specializing Java

programs, and automatically generates guards that enable the specialized

code in the right context.

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Andersen, H., & Schultz, U. (2004). Declarative Specialization for Object-Oriented-Program Specialization. DAIMI Report Series, 33(569).