A conceptual toolbox for designing CSCW applications

  • Susanne Bødker
  • Ellen Christiansen
  • Manfred Thüring


This paper presents a conceptual toolbox, developed to support the design of CSCW applications in a large Esprit project, EuroCODE. Here, several groups of designers work to investigate computer support for cooperative work in large use organizations, at the same time as they work to develop an open development platform for CSCW applications. The conceptual toolbox has been developed to support communication in and among these design groups, between designers and users and in future use of the open development platform.

Rejecting the idea that one may design from a framework describing CSCW, the toolbox aims to support design by doing and help bridging between work with users, technical design, and insights gained from theoretical and empirical CSCW research.

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Bødker, S., Christiansen, E., & Thüring, M. (1994). A conceptual toolbox for designing CSCW applications. DAIMI Report Series, 23(489). https://doi.org/10.7146/dpb.v23i489.6983