A Description of the RIKKE 1 System

  • Jørgen Staunstrup


It is the purpose of this document to give an introductory (yet reasonably detailed) description of the RIKKE 1 System. The bus structure, the registers and functional units attached to it, and the control which can be exercised on these components are discussed. The document is not a reference manual. Rather, it is written entirely from the pedagogical point of view, with the system described in a modular fashion. Examples are introduced after each component is added to the basic bus structure. The examples are written in the RIKKE 1 microassembly language. The examples are deliberately kept simple so the reader will not spend time learning a complicated or clever algorithm but will learn the control mechanisms of the particular components involved. Thus, many of the examples are ''contrived'' and do not perform any particular ''useful'' data transformations. It is hoped that this approach enhances the readerls understanding and underscores the overall simplicity and homogeneity of the structure and its components.

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Jørgen Staunstrup
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Staunstrup, J. (1974). A Description of the RIKKE 1 System. DAIMI Report Series, 3(29). https://doi.org/10.7146/dpb.v3i29.6448