Compositional Safety Logics

Jørgen H. Andersen, Kim G. Larsen


In this paper we present a generalisation of a promising compositional
model-checking technique introduced for finite-state systems by Andersen
in [And95] and extended to networks of timed
automata by Larsen et al in [LPY95a, LL95, LPY95b, KLL+97a].
In our generalized setting, programs are modelled as arbitrary
(possibly infinite-state) transition systems and verified with respect
to properties of a basic safety logic. As the fundamental
prerequisite of the compositional technique, it is shown how logical
properties of a parallel program may be transformed into
necessary and sufficient properties of components of the program.
Finally, a set of axiomatic laws are provided useful for
simplifying formulae and complete with respect to validity and

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