Når enden er god...

Dag Heede


This essay, ”All’s well that ends well. Heteronarrativity and dead homosexuals”, explores connections between heteronarrativity, homosexuality, and death in early 20th century Danish literature. Focusing on two forgotten novels, Christian Houmark’s Det Syndens Barn (This Child of Sin) (1908) and Aage von Kohl’s Hjærtevirtuosen (The Virtuoso of the Heart) (1905), I conduct a preliminary exploration into the sexual history of Danish literature analyzing how the homosexual is eliminated to create a happy, heterosexual ending. 


Heteronarrativitet, heteronormativitet, litteratur, død, homoseksualitet, heteroseksualitet/ Heteronarrativity, heteronormativity, literature, death, homosexuality, heterosexuality

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