Geografisk Tidsskrift, Bind 99 (1999)

H. Frater: Landforms of the Earth - cause, course, effect, animation. (Phenomena of the Earth). Berlin, Springer, 1998.

Morten Rasch

The CD-ROM 'Landforms of the Earth' gives an introduction to geomorphology. The CD-ROM comprises five sections dealing with respectively plate tectonics, surface processes, formation of landscapes, the cycles of landscape changes and an introduction to the most wellknown geomorphological localities in California. Further, the CD-ROM contains a glossary with a very limited number of words. Different multimedia techniques including animations and videos åre applied to demonstrate the development of landscapes. The animations åre generally of low quality using fading between start and end pictures instead of real animation. Despite the flaws, the CD-ROM gives a good introduction to geomorphology for people without any geomorphological skills. The level of the CDROM is however too low to make it applicable at high school or university level.