Udbredelsen af J.P.E. Hartmanns klavermusik

  • Niels Krabbe Det Kongelige Bibliotek


With the collected edition of J.P.E. Hartmann’s piano music in The Hartmann Edition of Danish Centre for Music Publication at The Royal Library (edited in two volumes in 2012 by the author), the article discusses the role of Hartmann’s piano music in the Danish musical life of the 19th century, included its relation to general trends in piano music of the time outside Denmark. The article focuses on the scope and genres of the composer’s more than 50 piano works including the dissemination of the music in Hartmann’s time, both in the form of published editions and of public and private performances . It is concluded that there is a conspicuous disproportion between the number of published editions (Danish and German) and the lack of fingerprints from the music in the actual music life.

Krabbe, N. (2015). Udbredelsen af J.P.E. Hartmanns klavermusik. Fund Og Forskning I Det Kongelige Biblioteks Samlinger, 51. https://doi.org/10.7146/fof.v51i0.41284