The 14th Overture Workshop: Towards Analytical Tool Chains


  • Peter Gorm Larsen Department of Engineering, Aarhus University
  • Nico Plat
  • Nick Battle


Electronics, power electronics, optics and photonics, biomedical devices and applications, communication systems, digital signal processing, embedded systems, software engineering and systems


This report contains the proceedings from the 14th Overture workshop organized in connection with the Formal Methods 2016 symposium. This includes nine papers describing different technological progress in relation to the Overture/VDM tool support and its connection with other tools such as Crescendo, Symphony, INTO-CPS, TASTE and ViennaTalk.




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Larsen, P. G., Plat, N., & Battle, N. (2016). The 14th Overture Workshop: Towards Analytical Tool Chains. Technical Report Electronics and Computer Engineering, 4(28). Retrieved from