Call for papers: Unconscious Bias in Organizations


In organizations, unconscious biases constitute a significant hurdle for achieving equal opportunity as employees are simply not evaluated and treated on equal terms. This has detrimental effects for both recruitment, development and promotion of employees as well as for their well-being and thus productivity. Understanding and limiting unconscious bias therefore has a multitude of benefits for organizations such as increased group innovations, productivity, and creativity; enhanced relationship- and community-building; employee loyalty, retention and commitment; as well as greater appreciation for equity, diversity, and inclusivity (Danowitz et al. 2012). To battle unconscious bias, many organizations today offer unconscious bias training of various sort. However, a lot of this training has proven to be inefficient at best and with negative results at worst (Bendl et al. 2015; Deane 2013; Sabharwal 2014).

With this special issue, we want to take stock of the academic debate on unconscious bias. Is it still a thing, we as researchers should take seriously? And if so, how can we do so in a way that does not result in (feminist) backlash? What aspects of unconscious bias in organizations are still to be uncovered? And in what new ways can we address it?

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Deadline for abstracts (max 500-word + up to 100-word author bio): April 15, 2020
Deadline for articles: September 15, 2020