Syntax, morphology, and phonology in text-to-speech systems


  • Peter Molbæk Hansen



The paper is concerned with the integration of linguistic information in text-to-speech systems. Research in synthesis proper is at a stage where the need for systematic integration of comprehensive linguistic information in such systems is making itself felt more than ever. A surface structure parsing system is presented whose main virtue is that it permits linguists to express syntactic as well as lexical and morphological regularities and irregularities of a language in a simple and easy-to-learn formalism. Most aspects of the system are seen in the light of Danish and - sporadically - English and Finnish surface structure.




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Molbæk Hansen, P. (1989). Syntax, morphology, and phonology in text-to-speech systems. Annual Report of the Institute of Phonetics University of Copenhagen, 23, 119–152.